Drunk Girls

March 12th, 2009

Who can resist the site Easy Drunk Girls? They’re blaring, they’re playful, they’re not habitually the hottest or the most perfected, but they’re horny and they don’t understand how to state no, so how can you?

At this location, you get precisely what you proceed looking for when you strike the associations on a Saturday night. No, not love! Hot, sweaty, blameless sex with a stranger!

The concept that actually makes EasyDrunkGirls worthy of note is the detail that the activity happens in public. All the videos start either in a association, in the limo or coach out-of-doors, where the ass-slamming takes place. A short narrative inserts each video set, interpreting how a slut was selected up or why she was chosen. Sometimes twosomes of drunken persons, babes and friends, are asked for back to the limo to watch them proceed at it. Fact or fiction, this is habitually a pleasant way to ground you in the events, which emerge to happen in very warm and sweaty real-time.

So far, there are 10 initial groups to get stimulated over – regrettably they aren’t updating anymore so 10 is all you are going to get. Eight of the scenes have videos that can be downloaded in full in MPEG, Real Player or Windows Media formats. The location accommodates high and low-speed internet connections.

There are JPEG video captures following each scene. In general, the image value is rather good regardless of the low-lighting positions, and though the fuck scenes themselves are attractive accepted, their setting makes them exclusive and exhilarating.

Your EasyDrunkGirls members gets you get access to to a family of sites that cater to fetish mongers (click for the review): CummyFeet, HerFirstDV, PublicPeek, PlumperFacials, TeensInGlasses, PantyhoseandPanties, FemdomAbuse, BadOfficeGirls, TeensInSatin, TrannyDestruction, MILFWhore and SneakyUpskirt. (Though I might state I have a fetish for very easy intoxicated babes, I believe the fetish here turns on the detail that it is quasi-public sex.) With the common assortment of extras, there’s abounding of porn to persuade your most obscure tastes.


March 12th, 2009

Shemale Tugjobs is a somewhat deceptive name. There are no handjobs granted on this site. At smallest, you won’t find one from one tranny to another or finished to a man. Instead, the T-babes tug on their own beef in each episode.

A solo location might appear limiting to some. However, when you glimpse some of the creativity on ShemaleTugjobs, you won’t give a hoot that the activity is restricted to masturbation. Often a rotate is engaged in these trannies getting themselves off. The one who apprehended my eye in the promo trip and interior the location delights herself on a billiard table, poolside. She organises to skid the eight ball into her taut hole.

The location has 86 videos. They each arrive in some formats. You can download them in stellar-quality MPEGs for one. However, the downloadable Windows Media format is even more impressive. It presents you high-def playback. You can furthermore stream the scenes in Flash. They last from only about 10 minutes up to nearly half-an-hour in not less than one case.

Besides the strange pool game, you’ll glimpse trannies use playthings and other props. They trial often with food. They do odd insertions with it as well like smearing it all over their bodies in damp and untidy tranny sessions.

There are 86 galleries. You have alternative in dimensions as far as the photographs are concerned. The bigger borders are really super high-res galleries. You can download the groups in handy Zip documents too.

I have said it about some of the other sites that arrive encompassed with your members to this one. I will state it afresh about this one. Many of these transsexual females are really outstanding demonstrations of what you would desire a shemale to be. They actually do gaze as if they were born to be feminine other than their conspicuous additional body parts. Speaking of which, some of these chicks with dicks have some especially large cocks.

There is no bonus location accessible in the first month. You have to attach round for longer than the first 30 days to profit from get access to to the first one. There are four sites altogether. You may be intolerant waiting for them, since their content is likewise outstanding to what you’ll find on this site.

You do get six additional videos on the major site. There are 183 additional galleries to be relished too. Six behind-the-scenes videos are offered. Seven of the forms do video meetings too. Shemale Tugjobs appear worthwhile even though the bonuses are doled out gradually as commitment rewards.